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Hello - in the words of the Budawang people from the Yuin Nation speaking Dhurga "Wada".

Nuragunyu is from two words "Nura" meaning Country and "Gunyu" meaning Swan.

Noel Butler, Budawang Elder from the Yuin Nation is a qualified teacher, educator, mentor, horticulturist, chef and historian; and together with his wife have been teaching, delivering programs and working with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal adults and children for over 35 years.

Our knowledge and skills are taken from our own real life experiences and we provide our own resource materials including traditional Aboriginal artefacts.

We cater to education centres and groups, Government departments and schools; and private groups.

Aboriginal culture

Indigenous Australians have been understanding and living on this land we call Australia for more than 40,000 years. We are the oldest and longest continuing Culture known to human beings. Where other civilisations have been and gone we are still here and we offer the knowledge and skills from those ancient times to today's society.

To have survived from the times of our mega fauna and great land mass changes we must have learned and gained the living skills within our natural environment to still be here today.We are the Ancient people of this land - we listen to the land and the ancient spirits - and this land is etched deep within our hearts. This we wish to share with you.

The natural outcome of learning and understanding between people is friendship and reconciliation.

News & Events


Dear friends and family worldwide. As some of you may be already aware, our property on the NSW South Coast has been destroyed by the fires.

Nothing on the property was spared and all structures including their house, personal belongings of many family members, Noel's workshop and tools, vegetation, and much-loved wildlife were destroyed by the fire. Everything that made the camp so special to Noel and Trish has been destroyed. The spirit that was Jamanee Gunya lives on and will be back with some focus and hard work.We have been overwhelmed by the support from friends and family. It really has been heartwarming to see how many people have already offered support in any way they can.

Noel and Trish are in good spirits from this support and have been discussing a plan to first make the property safe, erect temporary accommodation and begin the reconstruction phase.

In the meantime, until further notice, please do not visit the site until we can make it safe. Falling trees pose a real danger on the property as does the rubble from the destroyed buildings. We will let you know when it's safe.It's important to support Noel and Trish to help in the rebuild efforts. They are some of the most deserving people. They have gladly opened their minds and property to anyone in need.

Unfortunately, due to the location of the property and its unique service offerings, the buildings were uninsurable at an affordable cost. To rebuild will require us to start from scratch. There have been so many offerings of support we really feel like we haven't lost anything sometimes!

But the cost of setting up the self-sustained services such as water, solar and storage is not going to come cheap. We have set up a way for anyone to help in the form of donations it can be found here:

All proceeds will go to rebuilding the aspect of the camp that helps keep some of its core values alive. Self-reliant water, electricity, a workspace so Noel can again to produce his artwork. From there we need to create another communal space for visitors to utilise. Rebuilding efforts will also be focused on resilience and a fresh start. Then comes a more permanent accommodation for Trish and Noel.

If anyone can help or if you know anyone who can help, please share this link!

For more information and updates ....facebook @nuragunyu


Our programs

Noel Butler is an Aboriginal Elder, brought up with both Western and Aboriginal Cultures, and gives first hand accounts of the differences between Aboriginal and non Aboriginal history, lifestyle and society.

Programs and activities are flexible, can range in duration, content and context and are tailored to suit the needs and interests of its participants.

We cater for Government departments, schools, education centres and groups, together with private groups.

For more information about our programs, please navigate through our website.

Our facilitators

Noel and Trish Butler believe that there is a real need for authentic Aboriginal education to be accessible in context. Something more than a book or a website, we offer the opportunity to experience and understand, to learn in the heart and the head.

"The things we teach find their origins in history and real life, from an aboriginal perspective. We seek to offer this with sensitivity and respect to all who want to share the experience of this great land we call home. We will talk about bush skills, bush food, history, lifestyle, music, song and dance."

You are invited to come and share the experience.



Noel & Trish Butler

trading as

nura gunyu

ABN 48 685 307 949


C/- Milton Post Office

66 Princes Highway

Milton NSW 2538


Mobile: 0405 646 911

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We welcome all who call Australia home and all visitors to our land.

"Our aim is to provide extensive Cultural knowledge to all peoples to allow for better understanding and acceptance of Aboriginal people equally with all Australians.”
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