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About Us

Noel Butler is an Indigenous elder and custodian of traditional Indigenous customs and culture of the Budawang people of the Yuin Nation, South coast NSW. Whilst, Trish Roberts is of Irish, Scottish and Spanish heritage with a deep understanding and acceptance of Australian Indigenous history and difference.

Noel Butler being the principal Educator on Cultural Awareness, Cultural Enrichment and Cross Cultural Education and has been teaching and working with Aboriginal and non aboriginal people for over 25 years. 

Trish Roberts being assistant to Principal Educator, Office Administration, Preparation co-ordinator, Visual and Performing Artist (20 years) for Cultural Awareness Programs nationally and overseas.

Together we unite and deliver a strong message on acceptance and understanding from two different cultures.

Our Logo

nuragunyu Our Logo tells you about us. 

Firstly it is about Swan Country, which is the meaning of our name in the Dhurga language of the people of the Yuin Nation.

Secondly it is about Reconciliation as the Black Swan and the White Swan are swimming forward together.

The eggs on the nest represent the fruit of reconciliation, Self Respect, Mutual Respect, Peace, Education, ...

The ancient colours honour the traditions of a people who have walked about in the land for something like 40,000 years. 




Noel Butler & Trish Roberts

trading as


ABN 48685307949


PO Box 4016

Burrill Lake NSW 2539


501 Wheelbarrow Road

Burrill Lake NSW 2539

on NSW South Coast

near Ulladulla



0405 646 911
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