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Cross Cultural Awareness Program

We will provide a greater understanding and hence, acceptance of Aboriginal people, our culture, history and rightful place in today’s society.  Our delivery maintains sensitivity and respect for all and involves personal interaction with participants.

All course content and materials for this Cultural program is relevant to today’s issues involving Aboriginal people in Australia with 40,000 years of knowledge and history. We use traditional mode of learning such as, interactive workshops 

Our program utilises flexible delivery to allow for varying client group needs.

Our history and lifestyle workshop is presented using authentic historical information and our real life performance contains original material such as; traditional language, traditional dance and costume. Music composed using voice, guitar, didgeridoo, clap sticks and boomerangs. 

Any changes requested need to comply with traditional protocols and respect. 

Delivery can be made to you onsite or in camp style on our property or Cultural Camp centre of your choice.

A typical program can consist of 1 or 2 day program which can include the following topics.

Understanding Traditional Culture and Values
Roles in Society
Cultural activities
Aboriginal Health today
Dealing with workplace scenarios
Looking forward
Reconciliation performance




Noel Butler & Trish Roberts

trading as


ABN 48685307949


PO Box 4016

Burrill Lake NSW 2539


501 Wheelbarrow Road

Burrill Lake NSW 2539

on NSW South Coast

near Ulladulla



0405 646 911
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