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Hello - in the words of the Budawang people from the Yuin Nation speaking Dhurga "Wada"

Nuragunyu is from two words "Nura" meaning Country and "Gunyu" meaning Swan. We provide Aboriginal Cultural Teachings and Enrichment Programs, and in doing so, we hope to facilitate a greater understanding and hence, acceptance of Aboriginal people, our culture, history and rightful place in today’s society.  Our delivery maintains sensitivity and respect for all and involves personal interaction with participants.

The website is here to tell you about things Noel Butler & Trish Roberts do, and to invite you to come and learn and experience a little of the culture and tradition of the Aboriginal People of Australia.

Aboriginal Cultural Teachings

Cultural Enrichment for Aboriginal people and Cross Cultural Awareness for those who live or work beside them. This complies with ‘Bridging the Gap’ Policy of Federal Government.


Aboriginal Culture

Indigenous Australians have been underdstanding and living on this land we call Australia for more than 40,000 years. We are the oldest and longest continuing Culture known to human beings. Where other civilisations have been and gone we are still here, we offer the knowledge and skills form those ancient times to today's society. To have survived from the times of our mega fauna and great land mass changes we must have learned and gained the living skills within our natural environment to still be here today.We are the Ancient people of this land, and we listen to the land and the ancient spirits, and this land is etched deep within our hearts. This we wish to share with you.

The natural outcome of learning & understanding between people is friendship and reconciliation.

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We welcome all who call Australia home and all visitors to our land.

"Our aim is to provide extensive Cultural knowledge to all peoples to allow for better understanding and acceptance of Aboriginal people equally with all Australians.”

Nuragunyu Offers

We run Cultural Enrichment Programs for Aboriginal people still finding their way home or those who have been denied their Traditional History and values. Extra Traditional Aboriginal Cultural knowledge could further enhance job chances, social skills and positive personal well being.

We cater for Government Departments, Schools, Education Centres and Groups, together with Private Groups. 

Our program delivery is flexible, providing our own resource materials including traditional Aboriginal artefacts.  Our knowledge and skills are taken from our own real life experiences. Noel Butler is an Aboriginal Elder, brought up with both Western and Aboriginal Cultures, and gives first hand accounts of the differences between Aboriginal and non Aboriginal history, lifestyle and society.

Noel Butler

Noel Butler and Trish Roberts believe that there is a real need for Authentic Aboriginal Education to be accesable in context. Something more than a book or a website, we offer the opportunity to experience and understand, to learn in the heart and the head.

The things we teach find their origins in history and real life, from an aboriginal perspective. We seek to offer this with sensitivity and respect to all who want to share the experience of this great land we call home. We will talk about Bush Skills, Bush Tucker, History, Lifestyle, music, song and dance.

You are invited to come and share the expereince.



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